New Fiber Optic Construction Starting in Tivoli Gates

You may have noticed the orange conduit being installed along Gunn Road. This is the main conduit for fiber optics being installed by Hargray. The Tivoli Gates area in Eagle Springs and Cobblestone Court will be the first areas to hav the services installed in the street right-of-ways throughout the subdivisions. It will be installed later throughout Eagle Springs but no schedule is set yet for anything other than Tivoli Gates. There is no cost to homeowners for the instatllation being done now. If a homewoner wants the service installed in their home they will pay for installation to the home from the main line as part of the service fee.

Eagle Springs has no contract of control over Hargray, it is with the City of Centerville and the State. Any problems or concerns need to be addressed with Hargray at 1-866-531-9276. Eagle Springs welcomes any comments or suggestions our residents have as construction progresses, but we have limited control over the construction other than to contact Hargray also.

Tivoi Gates construction is scheduled to start Wednesday September 30th. Residents can expect some additional traffic and equipment along the streets. The installation will be by trenching and underground boring. Termination boxes will be in the ground, much like the water valve boxes in your yards. The flags placed in the ground are locates for buried utilites. Please do not remove them. Landscaping is to be restored to the way it was found at start of work. You might consider taking pictures of your yard before work starts.

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