Pool Opening and Safety Rules for Summer 2020

Our pool will be reopening on Wednesday June 3rd!  Many new safety measures are being put in place and every precaution is being taken. Here are the COVID-19 pool rules and precautions for the summer of 2020: 

Rules: Residents only. No guests allowed. Pool closed every Monday. Water slide closed. 120 max capacity. No pool toys or rafts allowed; Permitted: Child safety floaties, noodles, and goggles (do not share). Individuals with symptoms of COVID-19 shall not enter (Fever, cough, sore throat, chills, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, muscle pain, or new loss of taste or smell. -CDC.) Non-cohabitating residents must stay 6ft apart at all times, in and out of the water. All persons are encouraged to practice proper hand hygiene with frequent hand washing and sanitizing. Respiratory etiquette is also encouraged by covering coughs and sneezes. Violation of these rules can result in immediate discharge from the pool complex.  2020 COVID-19 Waiver
Safety Precautions: Pool entry gate will remain propped open during operating hours to eliminate frequent touching of gate and access device panel. Check-in table will be contactless with a plexiglass guard panel. Residents will show their ID through the plexiglass panel. Residents will no longer touch a sign-in sheet; Staff will maintain guest log. Office window will also have a plexiglass guard panel. Restrooms: For social distancing, middle stalls and changing rooms will remain locked and have Closed signs. Additional hand sanitizing stations will be installed throughout the complex. All trash can lids have been removed to eliminate touching. Guard-shack break table and chairs have been relocated outside to prevent staff gatherings within. All pool staff will be screened daily with a forehead thermometer. Lifeguards on lifeguard duty are to focus on water safety only. Monitoring staff (including Lifeguards who will on occasion be assigned to Monitoring duty) will be trained on COVID-19 safety and cleaning procedures.

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