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Policy Changes / Pool Access

As with all Corporations, business policies will change on an as needed basis to accommodate business operations.
Updating of the Eagle Springs Policy Book may not reflect these changes immediately.

One change that has occurred is the issuance of 2 Pool Access Cards to each physical Eagle Springs address to control access to the pool complex.
The pool access cards are verified against a computer data base to verify the physical address is valid.
If the pool access card is invalid, pool access is denied.

The owner of the physical address can loan these pool access cards to their immediate blood relations to use the pool complex even though the blood relative does not reside in Eagle Springs.

The pool access card allows the owner of the physical address to bring in non-residents to use the Eagle Springs pool complex as long as the owner of the physical address is present to allow the non-residents access to the pool complex.
Dead Fish in Pool/Office Pond
Responding to Concerns/Issues