Future Renovations to Waterslide

The Eagle Springs pool complex waterslide and tower are a huge asset to our community. The Board of Directors wholeheartedly understand how important the waterslide is to all our residents that use the pool complex. Renovations are only in the discussion stage at this time, and if ever considered, it would be in the future. Upkeep costs, deterioration, and safety concerns are constantly being monitored and addressed. The BOD is completely open to everyone's feedback and ideas for the future of this centerpoint amenity and are grateful for the commentary.

In 2012 the waterslide tower was refurbished at a cost of $29,195. In 2016 the waterslide was refurbished again at a cost of $24,990.  When the waterslide and waterslide tower become a safety concern, quotes will be obtained to completely refurbish and/or replace the waterslide and refurbish the waterslide tower, if feasible and cost effective. Residents will have input on any major changes to the waterslide and tower.

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