Eagle Springs Association Inc. Newsletter


The Board of Directors of the Eagle Springs Association, Inc. is writing to communicate the process for the annual election of Directors to the Board and to update you on the upcoming annual meeting.

The 2022 election process is based on the 2008 By-Laws. The 2008 By-Laws are the 1999 original By-Laws with two additions. Please see the Association’s website to download and review copies of such governing documents.

After a review of the Association’s governing documents, the Association’s new legal counsel, Nowack Howard, advised the Board that the 2016 amendments to the By-Laws were not validly passed and are therefore unenforceable because there was not a sufficient number of votes in favor of the amendment as required under Article IV, Section 4.06 of the 1999 original By-Laws. The 2016 amendments were presented and voted on based on legal advice at the time. In light of NowackHoward’s advice, the Board intends to move forward and use the 1999 original By-Laws, as amended by the 2008 amendment (“Current By-Laws”), as the governing By-Laws of the Association. Specifically, the Board intends to govern the upcoming election of the Board pursuant to the Current By-Laws. The board of directors’ election timeline is tentatively as follows:

1. Nomination forms will be available in mid-September on the Eagle Springs website (eaglespringsga.net) and can be picked up at the Eagle Springs office.

2. Nomination forms must be accompanied by a not more than 200-word resume stating qualifications and what the candidate would do to maintain and improve operation of Eagle Springs Association Inc.

3. October 1, 2021, Nominations due by 5:00 PM. Nomination forms must be received on or before this date and time, not postmarked.

4. October 1, 2021. Nomination forms turned over to Nominating Committee.

5. October 4, 2021, to October 8, 2021, printing of election ballots.

6. October 11, 2021, to October 15, 2021, ballots mailed to members.

7. November 1, 2021 ballots must be received by 5:00 pm (not postmarked). Following receipt, ballots will be verified and counted by the Election Counting Committee. Each member (household) is authorized to cast one vote per open candidate position.

8. November 24, 2021. Mail Notice of Annual Meeting to members (Not less than ten or more than fifty days before meeting)

9. December 6, 2021, election results announced at annual meeting. Directors are elected by written ballots which have previously been counted by the Election Committee and the results are announced at the Annual Meeting along with the transaction of such other business as may come before the meeting.

10. December 6,2021 at 7:00 PM - Annual Meeting of Members. At the Community Center. (First Monday in December). No dinner.

11. December 7, 2021, election results posted on Eagle Springs website.
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