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Dead Fish in Pool/Office Pond

We have investigated all possibilities.
The Landscapers have not sprayed anything for weeks.
The  super chlorination of the pool does not connect with the lake at all.  Overflow from the pool and filter back flushes all go to city sewer.
Our lake management firm, Solitudes, was supposed to be here today but will be here Tuesday to check the water quality. They were notified Friday. Comment was that they have seen this other places.  Best thought is that because our lakes are stagnate and have no flow in or out.  This extreme hot weather and not rain has left them at low water level and hot. Which fish cannot tolerate.
The fountains increase oxygen slowly but only in radius of about 15 feet.   
The lake surrounding the pool is small and normally has two fountains. Only one is functioning because fishing line wrapped around the other and burned out the motor.  We have been on top of that for about 6 days. But it takes a while to get new motors. 
The Trellis walk lake and Eagle Harbor are larger and deeper and have no fish kills yet.
The long lake across the street from the pool is extremely shallow and has no fish in it that we can find. Bottom is visible if you walk around it.
We have had this happen one other time, but not to this degree.  
Nature takes care of it, but slow process. The numbers of floating fish is down about 25 % from Saturday. 
Trying to  pick them up is hard they fall apart.
Have made some inquiries to find way to clean up, but no takers.  
Was able to remove dead ones from the water beside the clubhouse Sat morning, but got a few more on sunday.
Will get the rest before the pool opens.
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