Eagle Springs Gate Cameras

There has been some discussion about the Gate Cameras at Eagle Springs on unofficial websites. So I will provide some factual information about the cameras and the recent additions at Autumn Trace and Jamestown.

Our gate cameras record license plate numbers and a partial view of vehicles that go through the entrances to our Eagle Springs Communities. Until recently Jamestown and autumn Trace did not have cameras. The BOD approved purchase and installation over a year ago for those communities. Unfortunately for the last year and a half it has been very slow and hard to obtain equipment which resulted in a delay in the installations. Autumn Trace was delayed more because of the complexity of the electrical hook ups. Had to be tunneled under the wall and located in a different position than was originally planned.

The information on these cameras is no accessed unless we have criminal activity or vandalism in our communities. Then it is helpful information for law enforcement to track down and deal with the people involved. We can look for specific times and vehicles that coincide with the criminal activity. And these cameras have resulted in arrests of people.

They also assist in payments for damages to the gates when they are damaged by vehicles. WE have had two cases recently of gate damage. One resulted in over $ 9,000 in damages that is in court for recovery. The other resulted in over $ 6,000 in damages. The individual is known and has arrest warrant issued so that repair cost will be recovered also.

Eagle Springs is not monitoring your movements or keeping data on you. There is a limited look back time and then info is recorded over. We do believe it is a great addition to crime prevention in our communities and a benefit to all of us. The camera operations are a very small portion of our annual budget.

If you have specific questions we can address them for you.

Eric Nelson

HOA President

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