New Fiber Optic Construction

You may have noticed orange cable lines being installed. This is the main conduit for fiber optics being installed by Hargray for internet and TV service. The Tivoli Gates area in Eagle Springs will be the first area to have the services installed within the utility easements throughout the subdivisions. It will be installed later throughout Eagle Springs but no schedule is set. There is no cost to homeowners for the instatllation being done now. If a homeowner wants the service installed in their home they will pay for connection to the home from the main line as part of the service fee.

Eagle Springs HOA has no contract or control over Hargray. Their permissions were obtained through the State of Georgia then permits with the City. Any problems or concerns need to be addressed with Hargray at 1-866-531-9276. Eagle Springs welcomes any comments or suggestions our residents have as construction progresses but we have no control over the construction other than to contact Hargray also.

Tivoi Gates construction started in September 2020. Residents can expect some additional traffic and equipment along the streets. The installation will be by trenching and underground boring. Termination boxes will be in the ground, much like the water valve boxes in your yards. The flags placed in the ground are locates for buried utilites. Please do not remove them. Landscaping is to be restored to the way it was found at start of work. You might consider taking pictures of your yard before work starts.

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Future Renovations to Waterslide

The Eagle Springs pool complex waterslide and tower are a huge asset to our community. The Board of Directors wholeheartedly understand how important the waterslide is to all our residents that use the pool complex. Renovations are only in the discussion stage at this time, and if ever considered, it would be in the future. Upkeep costs, deterioration, and safety concerns are constantly being monitored and addressed. The BOD is completely open to everyone's feedback and ideas for the future of this centerpoint amenity and are grateful for the commentary.

In 2012 the waterslide tower was refurbished at a cost of $29,195. In 2016 the waterslide was refurbished again at a cost of $24,990.  When the waterslide and waterslide tower become a safety concern, quotes will be obtained to completely refurbish and/or replace the waterslide and refurbish the waterslide tower, if feasible and cost effective. Residents will have input on any major changes to the waterslide and tower.

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Non-Sanctioned Eagle Springs Association Inc. Facebook Sites

There are Facebook sites set up by Eagle Springs residents that are not authorized  or sanctioned by Eagle Springs Association Inc. These sites contain much incorrect information that cannot be backed up with any credible documentation. The owners of these Facebook sites look to give their opinions about many subjects which are not actual facts.

Eagle Springs residents should be extremely cautious about these sites and the information that is posted on such sites that may not be credible documentation or questionable verification of said information and posts.

The non-sanctioned Facebook sites are:

“Eagle Springs HOA"

"Eagle Springs Complaints"  


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Parking Lot Closure 3/22/21 & 3/23/21

Monday and Tuesday March 22nd and 23rd the amenities parking lot will be closed for repaving. The gym, tennis courts, and office will remain open but please walk or bike to access.

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Billing Error 2/16/21

On February 16th late-fee bills were accidentally mailed out to 64 residents who did pay on time. Correct $0 balance statements were mailed out February 18th. We are working diligently answering calls and we sincerely apologize for the confusion.

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2020 Annual Holiday Meeting and Dinner Cancelled

Due to a resurgence of COVID numbers and to comply with state restrictions and CDC guidelines we unfortunately are unable to have our Eagle Springs Annual Holiday Meeting and Dinner this year. Although we will not be gathering in person our Board is always offering ways for residents to stay informed and involved. HOA documents are frequently updated on our website at and we encourage you to contact us anytime with feedback, questions, or concerns: Please utilize our web Contact Us form, email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or drop a letter in our drop-box in the round-about driveway. Our Office Manager is also available at the pool entry window M-F 1-6pm 478-953-8702 and residents can join our private Facebook group. Everyone please be safe and Happy Holidays from Eagle Springs!

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Gate Upgrades Complete

Great news! All four gates have been upgraded with new operator/motor units and new battery backups. This should really cut back on any malfunction issues. Next project will be installing security tag cameras at the entrances to Autumn Trace and Jamestown.

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Pool Closed for the Season

Our pool has closed for the remainder of 2020 and will reopen in mid-May 2021.  End-of-season message from the Board: Unfortunately in mid September there was another substantial fecal accident in our pool. Residents should understand if they or their children are not feeling well DO NOT ENTER THE POOL and it is a MUST to bring swim diapers for all non-potty-trained children. When something like this takes place it causes serious problems, is very expensive, and it takes away the use of the pool from all Eagle Springs residents. Please know this was very frustrating for our staff and we thank you all again for your patience and understanding.

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Pool Closed Temporarily as of 8/6/20

*UPDATE: Pool reopened on 8/12!* - On August 6th there was a significant fecal accident (diarrhea) in our pool. When this happens the pool chemicals must be raised very high for a long period of time then it takes time for the chemicals to return to a safe level. For a large pool like ours, unfortunately this takes several days. Please check back here or on our Facebook group for updates on when we will be reopening. Thank you for your patience!

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New Developments Near Eagle Springs

Below are two new proposed developments near Eagle Springs. Please click the gold links for more information:
Parkside Senior Village along Margie Drive/Houston Lake Blvd. Submit a question to the city. Answers to city questions.
Abbington at Galleria Mall - Affordable Workforce Multi-Family Housing. Submit a question to the city. Answers to city questions.

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Pool Opening and Safety Rules for Summer 2020

Our pool will be reopening on Wednesday June 3rd!  Many new safety measures are being put in place and every precaution is being taken. Here are the COVID-19 pool rules and precautions for the summer of 2020: 

Rules: Residents only. No guests allowed. Pool closed every Monday. Water slide closed. 120 max capacity. No pool toys or rafts allowed; Permitted: Child safety floaties, noodles, and goggles (do not share). Individuals with symptoms of COVID-19 shall not enter (Fever, cough, sore throat, chills, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, muscle pain, or new loss of taste or smell. -CDC.) Non-cohabitating residents must stay 6ft apart at all times, in and out of the water. All persons are encouraged to practice proper hand hygiene with frequent hand washing and sanitizing. Respiratory etiquette is also encouraged by covering coughs and sneezes. Violation of these rules can result in immediate discharge from the pool complex.  2020 COVID-19 Waiver
Safety Precautions: Pool entry gate will remain propped open during operating hours to eliminate frequent touching of gate and access device panel. Check-in table will be contactless with a plexiglass guard panel. Residents will show their ID through the plexiglass panel. Residents will no longer touch a sign-in sheet; Staff will maintain guest log. Office window will also have a plexiglass guard panel. Restrooms: For social distancing, middle stalls and changing rooms will remain locked and have Closed signs. Additional hand sanitizing stations will be installed throughout the complex. All trash can lids have been removed to eliminate touching. Guard-shack break table and chairs have been relocated outside to prevent staff gatherings within. All pool staff will be screened daily with a forehead thermometer. Lifeguards on lifeguard duty are to focus on water safety only. Monitoring staff (including Lifeguards who will on occasion be assigned to Monitoring duty) will be trained on COVID-19 safety and cleaning procedures.

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Georgia Executive Orders

Stay up to date with the most recent COVID-19 statewide restrictions:

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Pool Status for Summer 2020

POOL TEMPORARILY CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. As the state of Georgia is releasing new executive orders and the Department of Public Health just released their long list of pool guidelines, it's going to take some time for us to get our pool facility prepared and the additional required staffing hired and trained. Please be assured we will open the pool as soon as possible. It will not be opening in May but June is looking hopeful. We will continue to keep you updated.

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Gym Schedule for Reopening - April/May 2020

New Gym Schedule for reopening starting 4/24/20. Only 8 people max are allowed at a time and must stay 6ft apart. This schedule is subject to change based on Georgia's COVID-19 recovery status.

04.23.20 gym reopen

COVID-19 Precautions

From the Board of Directors:  Until the coronavirus situation has abated Eagle Springs has stopped renting our facilities until further notice. The gym is slowly being reopened. Our office has reopened (window only) and our pool opening has been delayed. We will continue to monitor CDC and government recommendations and keep you posted.

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No Soliciting Allowed

A security company was recently caught soliciting business in Eagle Springs and Centerville PD issued citations. Soliciting of any type has been strictly prohibited ever since the inception of Eagle Springs and there are 'No Soliciting' signs posted at all three of our community entrances. If a soliciting business or individual approaches your residence please report it immediately to the non-emergency police line at 478-953-4222.

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City Council Meeting Live Stream 3/17/20

Tuesday March 17th from 5-7pm tune in to the City Council live stream for information on a potential new senior development on Gunn Rd:

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Gate Upgrades

Gate upgrades were just completed at Tivoli, including new swing operator units with battery backup. The other gates will also be upgraded after the new year!

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2020 & 2021 Board of Directors

Listed below are the names of the directors that will serve on the board for calendar years 2020 & 2021. A copy of the election certification letter is posted on this website under General Information. The board of directors will vote on the election of officers in January 2020.
Richard Beladino
Zernial Bogan
David Bumpus
Larry Cooley
Eric Nelson
Diane Pompei
Jerry Schnee

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Annual Meeting & Holiday Gathering 2019

Our annual Holiday Gathering and Business Meeting will be on December 2nd 2019 at 7:00pm in the Community Center.  We will have printouts for the meeting. To view online click here and scroll down to "Business Meeting December 2, 2019."

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